ON 13.05.2007

hmms , im now rotting at home .
shits . it’s so boring .
brought mum for lunch at swensens just now .
& im broke . well , it’s ok i guess cause mother’s day is once in a year .
🙂 thanks her for all her contribution to the family .

rotsrotrotsrotsrotsrotsrotsrotsrots /}

tml is school & im 50-50 looking forward to it .

something no good about school is …
1.you have to wake up early
2.TAF club { hahs , can only blame myself for being fat :p
3.the attire checks /
4.MYE results { so not looking forward to it .
5.teachers nagging
6. & MT intensive is starting soon { Mrs.Ngoh ! SHIT .

but there’s always 2 sides of the spoon .
1.spend my time with friends .
2.play &disturb them .
3. sleep on the desk ? { i’ve not done that for so long
4. *evil grins -for this , i think i’ll keep it inside my ♥ /}
5.dnt lessons

there is more “minus” than ” plus ” .
but i still think school is fun .
at least so much better than working .
bye lovers .


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