ON 11.05.2007 , FRIDAY

wahahs !
i finally can go blog le .
greats ! dunno whats wrong with my blogger .
cant create any post .
but im like so lucky today .
i got so much to write here but im like so lazy .

ok then , i’ll start with this .
hmms , this week has been a very stress &tiring week for me .
cause it’s mid-year .
going to the library right after exams which is 1 plus & went for lunch .
after that went to the library till it closes .
it was really tired .
hmm , the papers for mid-year ain’t easy .
all tough questions . i think im gonna get a big F for some of the papers
the day before was the last paper for the whole mid-year .
DNT . hmms , it wasn’t easy too .
and we ended with a listening comprehension .
&we went for a movie treat after that .
me , ying , gina , fann & jiamei .
it was very exciting . the graphics .
saw alot of our friends there .
steph&company , zhanrui &company .
& this stupid , immature guys behind .
he was like talking through the movie .
telling his dear friend “ehh ehh , this part hor , he XXXXXX “
telling his friend about the next scene .
really pissed off . irritating fellows . dunno what is public courtesy .
please off your handphones & SHUT THAT BIG MOUTH OF YOURS UP !

went to bugis with jan , fann , gina & yingying .
din really bought anything .
just some accessories & a shirt which i kind of regretted buying it .
went to bugis cafe to have dinner .
OMG ! the service like so slow tortoise .
my fish&chips haven even came after they ate all their food .
so great . i was so pissed off .
but luckily the ppl there are considered as friendly ppl & din gave me attitude
wahs , i cant imagine what i will do la . slam the table &leave ?
has . thats unlike me .
then theres this guy giving us 5 cups of iced water .
funny . they joked that he could see us angry , so he wants us to have the iced-water to calm us .
everybody who walked past ying were all looking at her
cause she’s very tall today .
with her heels .OMG ! can you imagine that ?
i wore my tube upside down .
hhees . i cant kind of differentiate which side is the front
cause the front looks like the back
&the back looks like the front .
well , conclusion …
i had a very great day with them
&blisters on my leg .


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