had english papers today &
i think i hay-ed wire .
shit . but maybe i’ll pass ?
C6 ?
& im gonna get scolded by Mrs.Raj !
went mugging with gina @library .
saw tingxi , zhiping , catherine , mervyn , junhao , ruvyn .
i think im gonna screw up for tmls paper .
cause its ss &i cant seems to get things into my brain .
went to cwp to check the price of my flip-flops
&it costs 39.90 !
omg ! heavenly price .
but i think im gonna get it tml .
hahas .
saw kun at cwp .
&ying’s sister .
chatted foe a while and they left .
went to pasar malam with gina
bought our teochew meat puff &kun called us .
meet her there &went home tgt .
while waiting , we crapped la .
bused-home &here iam
chatted with darling on msn.\
hahas 🙂
picture up tml .
nights ❤

i looked in your eyes
&was electrified by you baby

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