i slacked the whole day .
shit !
went to kfc with gina
&saw coco , zhiping &catherine .
okays . actually they were studying until we came .
hahas . in the end , we chat about many many stuffs .
from teachers to school ,
school to scary stories in school ,
from school to funfair .
from funfair to movies .
i was craving for some rojak
& they never went to the shop that offers
the best rojak in woodlands .
so we went there .
ate out rojak & talk .
started eating at around 5.20 am
& sat there and chat for another 1 hours plus untill 7 .
ohs , talked alot about the teachers about the school .
the “boot-licking” people in school
(of a higher rank )
share the disgusting doings of some of the teachers .
laugh off my butt man !
then when we decided to left ,
my but was like stiff already .
went to zhiping house to acc koko &catherine take their stuffs
&we left for the bustop .
on our way there , saw the swings
and we decided to go there &play .
wahsey ! damn funny larhs .
coco was like being the pushed by them
and she went on screaming &screaming .
took turns to play the swings .
coco still tried to push me . OMG !
play at the playground too
played on the slides &the bridge .
and some physiotherapy exercises stations
sweated like hell !
went to cwp to get gina’s stuffs .
took a short scroll at the pasar malam
&headed home !


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