hmms , i had a fun day today .
went back to school & told everybody about my funfair experience
to fann: not that i want the whole world to know ,

i just wan to share with them the fun .

went to ying’s house with kahmei , fann , sharon , gina , jogina .
study sesson .
but in the end ,
( like it always does)
slacked & din quite do any revision .
practically , gina was there to be our chef larhs .
i did quite a bit larhs .
hmms , first page of the ss notes ?
cooked our lunch there
& that took up almost the whole 1.5 hrs ,
all those nuggets & fried fish .
hahas . i think fann really deserves to be in FNN .
marinate the fish
(although was salty but it’s nice )
had real fun with them except jo&sharon larhs ,
which was seriously studying .

i did not even realise that time flies so fast .
okays , nxt thing im gonna do is to upload the pics
& off to televison

&&& i think my throat is gonna break down soon .
after the screaming from the rides yesterday
& my sore throat (add-ons)
maybe you all could see …
nono , HEAR a mimirahrah which have
ah-du’s voice , coarse .
that will be so shit .

&&&& i got this goodie bag from huiqi !
❤ you man ! thanks so much !


27 April 2007
subject : FUNFAIR

fann & sharon

me alone 😦

on the way

what it was suppose to be

doesn’t it resembles the scenes of fairytales

on there .

feeling nauseous after Vortex

so fierce , like what it says ,
never try to offend a cat .

gina &mimirahrah

so blur

after many attempts ,
finally it was nicely done .

30 April 2007
subject : ying’s house .


i may look strong but is so
vulnerable to the long-legsters


fann&gina look like drunkards .
i look more like the civilised one
& ying … “kai la fair “


food &FOOD

how messy the table was
although we did almost nothing .

displays of liquor


looking at the fish

well , took this by accident
&realise it was really funny .

posing !

tata &off to TV !


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