okays ,
first thing first /
went mugging with fann , ying , gina ,kahmei and sharon .
i managed to do chem , ss , maths in 5.5 hrs .
quite surprising .
then went to UK funfair
i took the Vortex .
it’s like 11 floor i think .
wow ! scary but very fun also .
i took it with a stranger cause it was an odd no .
gina&mei , sharon&fann . mimirah&stranger .
he reeks of cigarettes , but he was those kinda very “on” person .
he was enjoying it so much &i was screaming at the top of my voice .
the scenery was beautiful .
after the ride , i came to realise life .
it’s such a good … to be living .
several thoughts came to my mind .
what if the belt loosens & i fall ?

that will be great shit man !
second , took the Challenger
with fann&sharon .
hmms ,quite fun larhs , but it was for a while only .
not so heart throbbing as Vortex .
but i were to have another chance , i would take the challenger .
i don’t think my heart will ever work if i took the Vortex again .
decided to head home .
me , sharon was feeling nauseous .
after 2 star rides in the funfair ,
felt so terrible .
it’s more worse than being drunk .
felt like vomiting but nothing seems to come out .
alighted at my stop & sat at the bustop for a while .
wasn’t feeling balanced /
actual intention was to call dad to fetch me
& nobody bother to pick op the fcuking phone .
so i had to walk home .
reached home & mum asked me whether i played the funfair .
i told her that i took the scariest ride of all .
she was like -_- !!
she say why ? later if anything happens to me how ?
okays larhs , i know you are concern about me .
love you mummy .

first thing that i thought of when i was up there was you .
i felt the urge to shout iloveyou
where this shout will be buried under the noises there
& nobody will knw i ever did that .

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