it did not rain early in the morning , so there was TAF .
run &slacked .
tooke my weight and had increased by 1kg .
ohmygod , i think i eat too much this few days .
gotta do something about it .
PE was kind of boring .
did static exercises
definitely better than running .
Mr.Yang shouted at me man !
i went to the gate & he shouted
“NUR AMIRAH ! i din’nt know you took chinese ! i was so shock to see you yestd “
i went -_- “””?
what wrong with that man .
just because my name is a malay name &it starts with a”NUR”
lame .

went to com lab to do the job quiz .
tells you what job is suitable for you .
flip through even occupation page ,
& i was like die larhs die larhs .
turned back and told the person beside me
“die larhs . i next time sure very poor the ! don borrow money from me arhs .!”
hhaa .
our class got a lot of funny funny jobs .
doesn’t seem to fit them .
farouqshk = police officer ?
imagine putting his current image with a police officer ?
i think he will be in cahoots with the criminals .
but who knows he may change in to a better person .
he’s quite good person just that maybe at this stage he’s just being playful .

went to cwp with jan , gina &qianwen
crapped &laughed .
qianwen is my favourite junior man !
compared to the others , i still like her the best .
ate the yogurt at cold storage
the newly opened shop
very nice lehs !
and its fat free !

gina lost her phone today
hope some kind people returns her the phone .

the love is getting stronger everyday

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