it’s such a “fine” weather .
rained so heavily this morning &i got splashed by the water along the road .
shits man ! my shoes got wet & my socks of course .
got so irritated ! but what i love about rainy days is you can watch the water droplets slide across the glass . i think it’s so cute .
saw a kitten at the stairs of my block .
so cute larhs .
if my mum doesn’t have a fear for cats , i think i will be the first 1 to bring the kitten home .
no TAF this morning ! hahas .
the little red light was on &that means no outdoor activities .
love that little red light !!

had dnt today !
did some of the parts .
hmms , it did went smoothly at first
cause there were too many of them doing
&they had no time to entertain us one by one
but i saw my savior !
he’s always the kindest one .
hahas .

2.4 run is BEING POSTPONE !
due to the weather forecast , it says maybe have rain or smth .
now outdoor activities depends on the lil red light & weather forecast .
ohs , i think our school is getting more “weather” already .
but i kinda of love this weathery stuffs .
people see red lights as an alarm
but i beg to differ .
now , i think red lights are a blessing to me !
so i hope dear red light will be on tomorrow or there is rain ,
so there is no TAF &PE !
hahas .

and because the run was postpone ,
we had to attend the physics practical .
& had to stand a teacher that speaks like ” HEY ! HEY ! HEY ! “
paper was like so difficult !
i saw the paper i froze & stared at the paper .
thinking ” what the hell is this ? why it seems to be alien language to me ? “
in the end , we did not complete the paper & went home .
fann left first cause she pekcek from waiting for me .
went to cwp with gina &jo .
accompanied gina to get her dinner.
boarded the bus and went home .
actual intention was to go for night study
forget it .

next week is mid-yr paper and i have not even touch on my revision .
okays , i gonna die soon from that pile of endless revision worksheets . .
time is not on my side !

i wonder who is cursing/missing me .
sneezing endless.

the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder


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