my life is gettin more shit !

first , let me wish



so many people born on 25.04
&that means the birthday presents on my list is increasing .
hahas .
& soon its gonna be dearest peanut’s birthday !

schooled today as per normal . hmms , no TAF in the morning .
mr.lim forgotten all about us .
had double science after recess . CHEMISTRY&PHYSICS .
life’s never good after 2 sciences in a row .
luckily i slept during english lesson .
got back chem paper & our cookies by mr.whelan . the cookie was like so good !!! yummys .
hmms , skipped maths remedial today . alot of people din’nt go too .
im sure tomorrow mr.lim will get so angry .
and i think we better start think how to fill in the blue form .
skipped maths &went for lunch with fann&gina .
went pizzahut & i asked the waitress a very stupid question
“can i change the pasta to rice ? ” and she was like …
it was so embarrassing !
got home & bath .
watch tv for a while and i on the computer again .
decided to do folio but after 30 mins ,
i gave up . shits man !

exams are around the corner . next week and i have not even touch on my revision !
OMG ! must really buck up .
shits man .
why is life getting more&more shitty nowadays ?
this big shitty situation just totally annoys me !

i miss .______

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