had school today & it was quite fun and frustrating at the same time . all lessons before recess was like free periods . so fun man . but when it was after recess , totally sucks man !
got very pissed off in dnt lesson . he ask me to wait and says he will attend to me later but in the end , he did not even do anything . & i had to sit there alone figuring out and cracking my head over those measurements of my artefact while the rest had the teachers help .
maths was !!! i was already very pissed of from dnt &my leg , and a whole bunch of them had to take foolscap paper from me . wah !
i know i should’nt be angry about all this stuffs but i just felt angry !

went for night study . gina was caught by mr.roy for signing out too early .
hahas . some funny incidents happened & laughed !!!
but towards the end , there was a fight among the boys .
hmms , i din’nt know what happened exactly .
all i knew was a a group people walking towards that direction hastily
i was like so kaypo &wanted to see what happen .
and i eagerly limp there .
& fann said ” bai ka already still wanna to kaypo ”
then everybody laughed !!!
i was like -_-“”
nvm , i forgive them .

got home & dad saw me limping
he gave me a massage and it was so much better already .
i think i need not limp to school tomorrow i guess .
yayays .
cause it’s so tiring on my right leg .

tata people .
there’s school tml & i have to wake up early cause it’s not a TUESDAY !
shits .

“you seemed so near but yet so far .
i wonder how long this is gonna last .”
quoted from somewhere in the net .

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