hmms , let me think how to start my blog .
nice day for me .
no chinese test &that means i can go home earlier .
but in the end i accompanied janice to SGH for her dental appointment .
had lunch at the chinatown temp market .
janice got angry over an ice-jelly that don’t even look like ice-jelly .
i had the mee-pok . it was nice but the service sucks .
the auntie gave me that kind of fcuking attitude .

i lost my physics notebook &im sure to get hacked up by mr.yap.
wtf . dunno what fcuking idiot took it .

someone showed me one magic trick about making the coin appear from nowhere .
hahas . his hand suddenly goes behind your ears and there comes the coin .
looks quite real cause it’s fast .
but he will have to brush up his magic skills before coming out and conning people .

im happy when you are there .
&with your cute little acts

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