these are the people that i’ll miss when i graduate

hi people !
im so tired today .
had quite a long day today .
TAF in the morning .
chinese test & english test .
i’ve got used to doing the chinese test .
we have to do it every week .
the english test was very difficult man !
summary test ! oh my god !
i don’t even understand what the passage is about .
went for chemistry remedial after school .
&good news !
I PASSED MY CHEMISTRY WITH VERY COLORFUL FLYING COLORS !!! i got 28.5/30 . topped the class !
hahas . i find it a miracle man . but im really happy :]
went to school library with ying and watch this film about the global warming stuffs .
tells you what will happen when human do stuffs that will harm the earth .
the statistics they gave was really scary .
imagine the icebergs melting & the water will flood .
even USA will also be affected .
imagine what will happen if it happens on Singapore ?
we be submerged by the water man !
aiyahs , i think i better stop talking about this le .
juniors got training &we went and visited coach .
quite miss training although it’s tough .
played ball with ying .
hahas . then out of a sudden it rained .
what the hell ! =_=””
treated coach to a drink &she was HAPPY .
im gonna miss her &Ms Lim &Mr.Kheng .
hope that Mr.Kheng get well soon .
went to cwp for dinner with buddies .
talk&talk&laughed .

got home here i am .
i think it’s time to sleep already
gonna replenish all the nights i missed


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