random picture :p

firstly !
i finnaly passed my physics !
so 3 hoorays to me !
hiphip HOORAY !
hiphip HOORAY !
hiphip HOORAY !

it’s uncle weiyang’s birthday yestd
(he was suppose to be my abg , but i wan call him UNCLE !)
&today is sucker-loren’s birthday.
in a few days , its gonna be kakak famie’s birthday .
still dunno what to get her .
&own ruiling a birthday present
i think im gonna go broke soon .
so many ppl’s birthday coming .
peanut , aliffy , jerone .
this few people birthday are coming soon
&that means i will have to save for their presents .

went to partyworld right after school !
with ying . twosome ! 😛
it rained but we were lucky enough that we din’nt got drizzled .
we sang &sang &sang !
my throat is gonna break dwn any moment
so i must take gd care of it
cause im going again on sun with cw .
well , finally i have time to go tgt .
hmms , im quite looking forward to hear him sing cause i’ve nvr heard him sing
&i forget how’s his voice&looks .
well , it’s been ages we’ve been in contact .

pics at uncle weiyang’s pit


thats the lights forming the coastline of east coast

kakak famie &adik



out to shopping with fann &ying

the cake which made me love&hate

fanny !


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