just got home frm east coast .
went to weiyang’s party .
took a bus there with many people .
me , famie , simin , becky , jerone , kengyang , xubin &celeste ,jacky , remus , terrance , &2 other guys .
din knw them
wahsey . i butt rotted .
it was 1 hour .
once we got off the bus , everybody was like so desperate for cigarettes .
everybody smoking & looks like a triad or something .
hmms , quite quiet larhs compared to the others .
hahas .not much people too .
think weiyang wans to keep it private .
hanise , simin & me left earlier .
the rest thon .
then there was this guy call cheesan i think
&says he’s not feeling well & wants to go back with us .
we were like -_-
the 3 of us was like chatting , ignoring him .
then we decided to cabbed home & he’s in another cab since its not on the way .
well , thats what we hoped for .
fann called me & we chatted throught out the whole journey .
talked about alot of stuffs .

&im tired now .
gotta slp le .
bye .


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