i …
schooleed .
& came home .
school was quite fun today .
missed all the lessons before recess .
cause there was a talk by Adam Khoo .
he’s one of the successful motivational speaker .
funny !
hmms , its not bad & most we like not falling asleep .
well , in situations like mrs.kok or other teachers “motivational talk ” ,
50% was like sleeping ,
25% was maybe awake but just staring in air
20% talking to friends/doing own stuffs .
5% were probably listening .
this guy’s talk is very expensive !
from Mr.Ravin info , its $4800 for 2 hrs .
imagine that !
some people may have to slog so hard to earn that salary per mth .
and all he does is to TALK TALK TALK !
but i think its quite worth it .
managed to capture everybody’s attention .

night study was FUN FUN FUN !
me , gina , fann .
did our work halfway and felt boring .
fann sang songs .
gina illustrated the song using her body language .
i was their audience .
& out of a sudden , i became their cameraman cum person-holding-mic cum director .
we 3 were like going bonkers .
then suddenly Mr.Tan saw us and was like staring at us .

tata people .
im gonna mug for phy for awhile before i go to sleep .
well , it’s already expected that i will fail .

bye .
love youall


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