english lessons was kind of cute .
practising the oral & our pronunciation on the words .
we make a fool out of those stuffs mrs.raj tried to teach .

caught a movie today with girls .
” Meet The Robinsons “
its very nice , & funny too .
the boy in the movie is like so clever .
the scenes of the movie was like what people thought of the future .
the future was cute .
but i think the dinosaur was MUCH CUTER than all the others .
if you did noticed the trailer , you’ll see one dinosaur .
nono . i shouldn’t describe as super cute .
it should be EXTREMELY CUTE .
especially when he wanted to bite the kid with his mouth .
you all should go & watch the movie .
real cute .
i was like so happy when i saw the dinosaur .
well , i WAS waiting for the dinosaur .
i think that part really was the climax to me but the others think otherwise .
from dinosaur ” i have big head and small arms . i wonder whether this plan is well devised . master ?”

to WRSSying :
i’ve nobody who i like okays . hmms , for that “him” , he’s a byebye .just that i suddenly miss him only . okays ?


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