been at home for the past 3 full days .
for 3 full days , i’ve not wore a slipper
&go outside to flash myself to the sun , the winds .
for 3 full days , i’ve been sticking to my tv-eat-com-sleep routine .
except for yestd skippping at home
been looking out the windows for 3 full days ,
thinking of what the world will be wihout you .
&my conclusion is the world don’nt stop rotating just for you.
ultimately , its still gonna be the same .
but for 3 full days , i have been thinking of what my goals are
&conclusion …
nothing much !
mostly thinking of …

wahahaha . im waiting for my pay to be transferred over to my account .
hahas . quite a big amount .
it can’nt be revealed here, i suppose ?
what if somebody sees this pose & wants to kidnap me ?
( ohs mimiraharh ! i think nobody will be stupid enough to do that . you’re are thinking abit too far ain’nt you ? i suppose your imaginary juices in your tank is quite full . )

i’ve been missing you loads okays ?
miss your smile since day 1 .


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