found it so hard to even lift the corner of my lips just to speak or even smile at someone .
they call me ” emo kia “
hahas . well , iam .
but for today , im like just simply lazy to talk .

had chinese oral today .
wahs ! totaly sucks !
i was like ” erh ? arh ? then …”
sure die de larhs .

on the way home , there was a jam .
accident . there was 3 buses involved .
hmms , 2 banged into the the traffic light .
while another one got hit i think .
the glass scattered &i think it flew infront .
but i think no one was hurt larhs .
yj called to ask me what happened infront
cause he’s in the bus & he saw me i think .
talk on the phone but later on i decided to call him when i reach home
cause my card is running out of money .
i stop for awhile to see what happened .
went home & called yj .
he’s on the way to his granny’s house .
acc him chat untill he reach .
then i went to the kitchen for mom’s pancakes .
those kinda american type . with maple syrup


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