today was a very fun day for me .
morning , we went to partyworld .
sing & sing . looks like im the one always taking the mike .
:] saw janice & cousin there .
we room 18 , they room 12 .
but this time the feeling was different .
not so high .

after that me , fann , gina wanted to go to the library to study but there were no seats .
so we decided to go to fuchun cc kfc .
on the way there , there was swings .
fann like ran to the swing immediately .
hahas .so fun .
i think i got a lil phobia of swings .
afraid that the swing won be able to take my weight .
hahs . then we were laughing like we’ve nvr sit on the swings before.
well , what i feel was the laughter we had was like real REAL .
no pretence , but the laughter right from the bottom of our heart.
reached kfc &lucky , we got the ideal seats we wanted.
actually i din quite do anything there la .
me & jayda went to the shops around & decided to get ice-cream .
totally sucks . there was like so much ice on the small ice-cream .
omg . went back & was their turn to go out .

later on , we decide on some rojak .
we went to the famous rojak stall near kfc .
the door was open but there was no people .
so we decided to go 326 for rojak.
& they din’nt open their stall too .
there was a note saying ” go and research on the recipe of their rojak , and upgrade themselves “
something like that .
i was like …

went to 339 for some volleyball.
walked passed 338 & saw a lot of people .
familiar faces . kadson , ying & friends .
saw haiming & friends playing the same old tricks on each other .
hahas . it’s the same old them .
no change at all

went there , borrowed ball from oscar & played ABC .
well , we stopped through out the game .
jayda arrived with weihai & ball .
they some sort have a small tiff larhs , but over lil stuffs
that i personally think its not worth it .
then played basketball with cheesiong & friends .
funny sia !
i was like sweating so profusely .
hahas .

anyway , i had a very great time today .


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