got back from work le . its the last day .
abit bu she de , cause they really take care of us .
towkay& colleagues are good to us . friendly too .
it’s like a big family .
work was like fun today .
after eddy’s recommendation , we went to the arcade to play the sweet machine .
where you must put the sweets on the area
& it will push .
so fun lehs .
we spent $20 on the game
&got a lot of sweets .
so we decided to share with the colleagues
so we went around to different dept
giving them sweets .
hahas . they were like
“what’s wrong with them ? look so happy . just like a kid that got many sweets”

got home &realise i din have the keys to my house door .
called mum & she’s at granny’s house .
aunt gave her a trip home and passed the keys to me .
got home & here i am

i’ll never leave you .

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