today was fun for me .
really happy :]

won fairfield 2-0 .

im feeling a bit contradicting .
happy yet sad . happy we won them .
sad is that this is our last match .
this match marks the end of our volleyball training & so on :[

went to swensens after that .
ms lim & coach ‘s treat .

im like super full .
ate fish &chips and ice-cream nice!
hahas .damn funny larhs .
we called coach mummy .
she act ignorant .

there’s this chocolate sauce that we had in the ice-cream
started playing with it .
put the paste-like chocolate in front of out teeth .

hahas . we laughed like no one’s business .

took alot of pictures & really laughed alot .

by an accidental glance ,
saw ms lim’s & coach facial expression .

i could feel that they are really sad that we are all leaving .

that feeling i got from their expression

although they always said that they are so happy that we are leaving ,

open champagne & other stuffs to celebrate
but i believe they are just putting on a brave front really feel very sad .
next time , there will be nobody scolding or putting a brave infront of us.
i just wish time could fly slower .

so slow that it feels like its more longer than 1 year .

i’ll really miss you all !!!

fun moments

beautiful teeth

beauties ❤

saw this on my way home

a shadow i can call my own

ying &mirah

mel & meina

she got something bad about cameras

no kissing !!!

mine . cookies summit


super us

OMG ! i saw a *****

ms lim with that cute pose

theres no more of this nxt year

fanny :]

emo .

ying’s leg so long !

serene & jingyi

me !

we’re proud to present
YEAR 2007


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