just got back from work .
tired :p
we came home earlier .
hhas . jack & xiao-pang help us punch our card .
we left at 7.45 .
hope that boss won realise it .

hmms .
thers alot of breaks today .
went shopping again .
brought another 2 puremilk tee.
i like it cause the designs are cute :]
serene brought 2 too .
1 for her & 1 for her bf .

boss bullied me today .
i brought sweets ma .
then boss also wan so i pass the whole packet to him .
he took out some .
thought he wanted the few
but he go take the whole packet .
then i was like ” -__- “
he still suan me l .
xuete !

thers this really handsome guy .
his eyes were like those kinda powerstation .
i think if i was suppose to look in his eyes for hours
i won get tired .
he really have those electrifying & charming eyes .
&believe it or not .
he’s 21 when he looks like 18 .
omg !


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