woke up damn early for the auditions .
6.30 am . met them at 7 .
reached toa payoh at 7 plus and there was like so many people there .
so we quickly joined the queue .
saw artists like lingyi , fiona xie , maxilian .
they are like so damn beautiful lo.
thers alot of people today larhs .
saw familiar faces from our school
&i saw chynna there too .
quite surprised larhs
&she asked whether can she jump in the queue with us .
i was like “im so sorry “
but i din tell her larhs .
i just said ask them .
the queue was super long &the weather was like super hot .
knew alot of people through the process of waiting .
real cute people .
hahas .
waited for about 8 hours &finally its our turn .
wahsey .
very scary lehs .
i went on stage & my hands were like trembling la .
i think i did quite okay larhs .
the 2 other judges were like quite satisfied
but that laocharbor no !
nevermind larhs .
at least i tried
&it was good exposure
thats sufficient enough .

they came down &support us .
ying , jan , gina , sharon , jiayuan , jayda , weihai , jason , terrance .
to them : thanks for the support !!!

here’s some peeks

while waiting

three of us !

me&dear fanny

my reference no .

finally with the tags on !


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