got my voice back le .
but a bit sasa de .

fann &jan came to my house today .
they called and asked for my add .
their tone was like so AMERICAN
making me laughing &wondering how should i reply them
jan actually wanted to complete hmwk here .
but in the end , we play &slack
super mad larhs .
me &jan still play wrestling on the bed .
cooked pancake &eat .
yummies .

we called jayda to ask for her blog add .
she asked me whether am i at home or outside .
i was like …
” heys !you called my house phone no. & i picked the phone ! so what makes you think im not at home . i cant be probably bring my house phone out . RIGHTS ? “
ther’s this part of the conversation which was funny i think
: ” your “you” in the add how to spell ?”
: ” y.o.u . standard english “
: ” ehs ? you also know how to use standard english ? “
you maybe wondering why did i reply that way .
but if you’ve seen her frienster /blog/msn nick …
you will understand .
it like so not-standard .
those type of :
my=muaii so = sho haven=haben
kinda language
went to her blog &read it .
the 3 of us almost went bonkers reading her blog .
jan almost fell asleep .

mummy went ikea &bought me a photo frame .
hahas .
finally can frame up some of the photos .

here some peeks that i have forgot to post &today’s peeks

happy 3 ready-to-be-eaten pancakes !

you can see she’s very hungry there .



doing the pancake mix

going her fnn .

you seldom see janice doing this rights ?

she’s like abit scared there .
but she’ve done well !

all cramped with 5n3 @NYP lift

nuttycase .

drop dead !


trying to imitate the models on the poster outside metro .



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