hi everybody !
im back from work .
so like tired .

reached ther at like 11.50 .
than just stand there lo .
customers come then we explain to them lo .
like super easy la .
but you must stand there &very boring lo .
cause no people de .

but luckily
i have colleagues that are like funny lo .
but majority are guys .
they like very zhao gu us .
nice guys .
till got free jokes .
hahas .
thers this 3 guys .
they were talking .
then the towkay walked out .
they see already ,
wahhs ! they immediately split up .
hahahas .
then we have this guy . called TM
TM stands for toilet manager .
but i call him mr.kantang
potato ! cause he tells us potato story .
tell us something about the other guy.
he said
大肥猪 , 不读书 。
我冲凉 , 他偷看。
我开枪 , 他完蛋! “

so funny la .
then we were like laughing off our heads .
aiyah !
ther are still so many incidents to say .
cant finish them .

of course ther are shuai ge larhs .
but too bad we are in the diff dept .
dots .

thanks to someone .

here’s some peeks

my DIY shoe


drop dead

just trying to kill time

while waiting for gina

saw an ah-ma sleeping in the hands of Uncle Mac

teatime !

toilet .

save me please !


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