heys friends !
im back .
studying just now like okays lo .
do do , sit sit , chat chat , laugh laugh , slack slack .
hahas . i knw its lame !

went to sharon’s house to watch the dragon thingy .
while waiting for them to arrive , played murderer &21 with my wees (;
i got hit the most times . well , blame me for being to slow !:)
heard sharon’s dad talking on the phone contacting the dragon thingy people
he said “whats the situation there ?”
this may sound very normal here
but if you’re there you will think its really funny .
the dragon thingy was a great experience for me .
i’ve seen that before but first time so close lo .
some touched the bodies of the dragon for good luck .
then we were also eager to touch
but we are to far from them .
then the people bring the dragon near us .
we touched &shouted “volleyball HUAT ARHS ! “
saw my long tome no see friend , laila &some ex-grads from our school .

went to cwp for present hunting with fann.
cheesiong &alvin’s .
got what i wanted but i dunno whether they like it anot .
after that then i got home lo .
&im here blogging .

here’s some peeks .


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