i was like so angry today .
intended to go partyworld to relieve my stress
&guess what !
it was open for business but we did not knw what time will open
me &jayda waited for exactly 1 hour outside .
then i just went home after that .

went home &watch 花样少年少女
so like damn funny &cute .
吴尊 is like so charming &good-looking .
大东 is like so 神经大条
ella is like so cute acting like a small boy .
the characters in are like so comical .
i keep laughing &laughing non-stop !
hahas . im now at ep 13 already !
im gonna continue tomorrow .
well , this makes my day !

it’s like so bored on msn nowadays .
my chatting partner go msia .
so im always quiet on msn .

here are some peeks 😀

damn partyworld ! it’s was not in business !


im bored .

allthough the cookies tastes yucks at first ,

but who cares !
i love the shape !

civic ceiling . i knw i’ve nothing better to do .

reflex me .
outside of partyworld ,sitting,ROTTING !

fell asleep !



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