ohmygad ! im like so unlucky today !
i need some holy water please !


  1. i almost knock into a pole this morning while looking for the bus !
  2. i fell &kneeled on the steps of the the bus entrance , infront of the bus uncle !
  3. i was walking on the bus &suddenly the bus braked ,and i almost fall down again !
  4. we did shuttle run during PE lessons & i almost fell to when i was about to touch the line

this morning , i was on my way to the bus stop opposite my house .
i was looking out for any buses that are coming .
walk &walk&walk .
i realize i was walking to more on my side .
i turned my face &saw the pole right in front me !
thats unlucky incident no.1 .

went for lunch with peanut(huiqi) , alomond(ryan) &rabbit(weinam) after chem practical.
it was raining &we din want to be drizzled by the rain .
so we walked to the bus stop under the shelter .
then the bus came .
stupid me din’nt want to get wet .
so i decided to run from the bus stop to the bus entrance .
before running there , i still shouted a slogan ” CHIONG AARRHHS !!! “
but i realize i fell &i was kneeling on the steps .
it took me quite a time to wonder why am i kneeling on the steps .
ryan was shocked about why am i kneeling cause he did not hear any sound .
huiqi was infront of me &she turned back to look for me
& she was also shocked to see me kneeling too.
they told me that the bus uncle was like “hey gerl , why are you kneeling to me ? i not dead yet ” then everybody was like “huh , what that mad girl doing ? “
i was like so “OHMYGOD ! “
&that is unlucky incident no.2

there were 4 of us , so huiqi decided to take the 4 people seat .
but me &ryan wanted to sit at the back row &ther’s like plenty of seats there
but huiqi din want to .so we moved from the back to the front seat .
then the bus suddenly braked &at that time i was moving to the front seat .
when it braked , i almost flew . it was lucky that i catch the pole fast .
&that’s unlucky incident no.3

i had PE today &had shuttle run.
dunno what’s wrong with my legs .
it just gave way . &i almost fell .
&that’s unlucky incident no.4

despite all those unlucjy incidents , there were sweet ones too .
tingxi gave me a tiramisu for belated v-day present .she did it herself .
ohs .it was nice &ther’s a thick layer of cocoa powder .

nothing happened much at school today .
ms lim din came for ss . yayyaay :))
but mr yap was in a SUPER BAD MOOD !
but i can understand why .
imagine you devoting your time &making great effort to make the students understand the lesson , no matter how long it would take to prepare us for the test .
but in the end only 3 passed &33 of them failed !
how would you feel ?
how would you think ?
i think it will be totally a great disappointment !
i won’t blame the teacher ( like some people did . )
i knw its purely my own fault that i din did well for my test
cause i knw i did not revise for the test .

here’s some moments them 😀

treats for me&huiqi from Mrs whelan for being punctual for chem practical .

looking away .

super “huh?” look

all smiles RABBIT

im called hazelnut


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