i think this the sweetest day in this month . it was like so fun .
everybody giving out goodies , chocolates , candies .
i think it’s because its the last valentines we will be celebrating together .
ther was love &warmth in everyone of us .
giving greetings , hugs &handshakes . i think it’s very sweet .
prepared a small goodie bag for them . ther was cookies , muffin &sweets .
&in return i got chocolates .
THANKS loren !
THANKS san !
THANKS ruiling !
THNAKS bernie !
THANKS yuxuan !
THANKS huiqi !
THANKS siming !
THANKS jerone !
THANKS janice !
THANKS gina !
THANKS junjie !
THANKS weiru !
THANKS kelly !
&THANKS to anybody who gave me &i left out in the list !

ms kok catch me for my attire &hair .
ohhs . she spoiled my MOOD GREATLY .
i was like so happy giving the gifts to my friends
&she then she come and spoil my mood !

went to hall for some talk over total defence day .
ther was water &food rationing today .
we had to use the food coupon to take one bowl of porridge &1 packet drink .
& STUPID ME din bring the coupon !

i went to take my physics test
i was like “er , what is this ? what’s the definition ? what’s the formula ? “
i think im a gone case .
attended the maths peer tutor after that .
sure boring . i have to hand in tomorrow .
OH ! that reminds me i still have work to do ! SHIT !

i definitely cannot just waste my valentine’s day like that .
went to CWP with gina , fann , kahmei .
we saw kelkel &jan at pastamania .
then went for lunch at yoshi .
we took some pictures &said or do some stupid acts .
we went walking around cwp &saw so many couples here and there . so sweet .
i saw this guy and gf coming out frm the flower shop.
the bouquet was put in a plastic bag . the gf wanted to take it but the guy took it away .
i was thinking “you just bought for her &now you want to take it ?”
but then , he took the bouquet & ‘OFFICIALLY ‘ give it to his gf .
felt that was so touching .

hope that everybody had a great time today &will remember this for so long ,so long a time !

here is some peeks on VALENTINES DAY !

beloved friends gave me !

the trios ; jogina , mimiraharh , janice

KELKEL -my beloved white hamster
ps/ im the black one !

gina’s going-to-wither rose from apple

jan frm 3rd floor waving to me

aun &me in bus !

cheesiong with the rose kel gave me .

done by me &huiqi

sharon &siming stressing over maths questions

maths formulas driving me mad !

fann is horrified cuuse im trying to eat her !

gina wants to eat kahmei but she DONT CARE .

welcome to yoshinoya !

all swept out by us .

waiting for her romeo on valentines

&she’s sad now .



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