school was normal today .
nothing much happened in school .
if ther’s something , i would have forget it by now .
hahas . i’ve got poor memory !
today in chinese lesson , iw was funny larhs .
Ngoh wore a 3/4 sleeve shirt , then the sleeves were like so funny.
when she place her hands behind her back , she looks handless from my view 1
i told siming &she laughed like …ther’s no tomorrow !
i tried to take the picture down and post on my blog but it’s too obvious .
mr.ravin din’nt came for DNT lesson . he went to PulauUbin to see his form class !
they go OBS ma . so shiok larhs .
walao , last year we went to the campsite near changi airport .
it was OMG larhs !
aeroplanes flying around here &there
sometimes even in the middle of the night !
but overall quite fun .
we saw the other side of our schoolmates!
&1 of the instructor is so GOOD-LOOKING larhs !
all the girls got ELECTRIFIED by him !
but of course ther are some who really SUCKS !
like ther’s this stupid intructor .
it’s already 12 am plus &everybody like so tired from the activities ,
he still don let us go back to dorm sleep !
you say larhs , wher got this type of things the larhs !
hurmphs ! i think if i talk about this topic anymore , it’ll make my blood boil !

ther was tournament this afternoon.

(during warm-up)
WRS vs PSS .
&good news .
no one felt proud over this achievement as they din’nt play up to standard .
saw the match , PHS vs XMS .
so exciting larhs . XMS was so eager . they had 100% atmosphere .
&the coach was also very enthusiastic too larhs .
although they lost , but they felt proud i think .
EVG lost to SMB .
EVG was so low-spirited larhs , what i assume larhs .
they look so … down .

almost all of us went back to have the chinese test .
it was like 5.30 when we reached school .
the test took up around 1 to 1h30mins .
i managed to finish the paper in 1 h .
it was quite easy .
while i was waiting for the rest of them ,
i had nothing to do &decided to take some pictures
here’s the peeks <:
you can really see jan STRESSED out over the paper .

ying is doing it seriously

gina is through the final lap of the paper

fann is bored .

my cute volleyball teacher talking with kahmei

vandalizing on my new foolscap pad


my friendster !

my display picture .

cant you see im day-dreaming &laughing to myself .
im such a kukuperson !


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