i dint go to school today .
got a TERRIBLE stomachache .
slept till around 10 plus .
it’s been a long time since i have a good-night’s sleep <:
slept very late yesterday .
busy doing the valentine’s day gifts .
i folded the bags &wrote the greetings till my hands SORE !
ohmygod . i had to prepare about 40plus of those .
&thats why im goin broke already .
to be precise , i’ve already DECLARED BANKRUPT this week .
still got stuffs i’ve not bought .
&that again needs money .
how wish i have free-flow of cash ,
although it’s an impossible thing
but maybe my dad strike a fortune overnight .
WOW ! that will be so IMPOSSIBLE !

i was bored , then i took these pictures .
take a look <;

you fill my days .

i like it upsidedown

i knw i look stupid here !


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