slept at around 1 plus yesterday , thinking about the ‘secret mission’
/evil grins/
woke up unwillingly , dragging my heavy foot across the room and into the toilet &to have my bath . got a bit of flu this morning .
got maths lesson in the first lesson of the day !
momygod ! i dread it . got back our maths test &i got 23/40 .
i think its not too bad .cause i seldom pass it .
it’s been quite a good start for me this year i think .
i passed all my test except physics , which i’ll be having tomoro !

yippee ! im going to finish the first stage of the dnt folio &will be proceeding the next stage soon .
this morning ,in the quadrangle when i was staring in air ,Mr Ravin wanted to see me concerning the folio .
the first question he asked was , “amirah ,are you very stressed ?”
i was like “duh,do i look like im stressed ?”
he said i look like SUPER STRESS !
i think is due to lack of sleep yesterday &the flu in the morning .
i managed to ‘survive’ through chemistry &english .
so can i call myself “THE SURVIVOR ” ?
hahas . sure funny <; &theres still math peer-tutor in the afternoon . OMG ! we have extra lessons almost on everyday . except tuesday . i think thats the only free afternoon i have in the whole week of schooling days . here's some peeks 😀
the disaster peanut &hazelnut did during maths-tutor

peanut &hazelnut

my DEAR PEANUT left me a note while i was away on tournament


i rolled the english worksheet out of curiosity,
wondering how would it look like peeping through a hole

sec 4E &5N students really getting more busier by each day ,
the workload increases by each day ,
the time we have in the school is getting lesser by each day .
with all this factors piling up , i could barely find a time to rest &take a breath .
but soon , i will be leaving the school soon .
i won’t be back in school next year’s January .
i won’t be seeing my friends and classmates so often .
i won’t be able to enjoy the time in school in our beloved school uniform !
i will miss the days where laughters filled my days ,
i will miss the days with encouragement from my friends and teachers ,
i will miss the days being scolded by our teachers , being reprimanded for attire …
next year ,
it will be a brand new start for everybody as we embark on the other phase of our journey ,
after 3 to 5 years of education , we will be stepping in the working society.
3 to 5 years may look long ,but actually it’s just a blink .
i still remember the first day of school in sec 1 ,
everyone was curious about each other .
&there is a drastic change .
the guy’s we see in sec 1 have now grown up , taller !
as we reminsce about the past ,
it is a joy to see that everyone have matured .
we’ve experienced friendship &love in this school .
and i will always miss it .
i knw this may sound emotional to you ,
but i believe you will agree with me

p/s : although there are times when it really sucks !


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